Best 3 Car Detailing near San Diego, CA

For a car owner, choosing a good place for auto detailing can be confusing. If you are currently residing in San Diego, CA and searching for a good auto detailing, this article will provide good information on car detailing near San Diego, CA.
The list below gives brief reviews of several cars detailing near San Diego, CA.

• Always Fresh Mobile Detail: this auto detailer serves San Diego and its surrounding area. The services provided this business include rim and wheel detailing, paint restoration, interior detailing, polishing services, wheel cleaning, mobile detailing services, tire cleaning, mobile car wash, fragrance, hand wash, paint protection, oxidation removal, tunnel car wash, self-serve car wash, underbody wash, car wash, engine cleaning, waxing services, window cleaning, and many more. They open 24/7, offer a military discount, and accept credit card.

• 5 Point Auto Spa: this business is located on Kearny Villa Road, San Diego. Several services offered by this car detailing are interior shampoo, scratch removal, paint protection, oxidation removal, complete interior detailing, rim and wheel detailing, paint restoration, and polishing services. They open from 9 am to 5 pm on Monday to Saturday. They offer a military discount and accept credit card payment.

• Lees Auto Detailing: this car detailing is situated at Kearny Mesa Toad, San Diego. They offer various services, such as window cleaning, mobile car wash, hand wash, towel-dry, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, protectant/coating, vacuuming, self-serve car wash, engine cleaning, interior detailing, tire cleaning, waxing, services, and wheel cleaning. Payment by credit card is accepted. This business open from 9 is to 5 pm on Monday to Saturday.
Those are some of the recommended car detailing near San Diego, CA. You can choose based on the nearest location and services provided by the business. Do not forget to search for further reviews before choosing which car detailing you to want to work with.