Some of the many parts of the plastic injection unit

The process of forming a plastic product by injection or injection of liquid plastic into a molded cavity which is then cooled and removed from the print cavity. The material of this process is a plastic with a granule shape (small granules), powder or solution. This work uses a closed mold. Other than that, don’t hesitate to also call the trusted Chinese mold company near you.

Injection unit consists of several parts, namely:

Motor and transmission Gear unit

This section serves to generate power used to rotate the screw on the barrel, while the transmission unit serves to move the power from the motor rotation into the secret, in addition to the transmission unit also serves to regulate the power in the channel so that no loading is too large.

Cylinder screw ram

This section serves to facilitate the movement of the screw by using the moment of energy while keeping the rotation of the screw remains constant, so that can be produced speed and constant pressure when the injection process is done plastic.


It is the place to place the plastic material, before entering the barrel, usually to keep the moisture of plastic material, used a special storage that can regulate the moisture because if the water content is too large in the air, can cause injection results are not good.


It is a screw, and a sheath that keeps the plastic stream when it is heated by a heater, in this section there is also a heater to heat the plastic before it goes into the nozzle.


Reciprocating screw serves to drain the plastic from the hopper to the nozzle when the rotating screw material from the hopper will be interested in filling the next screw in the pan and then pushed in the direction of the nozzle.

Nonreturn valve

This valve serves to keep the melted plastic stream from recurring when the screw stops.