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In addition to Green Tea, It’s Some Tea Types That Are Useful To Lose Weight

If you are someone who likes tea, then you will love different types of tea that have different functions and benefits for your body. One that works to lose weight is skinny fit tea. So, you can consume it regularly in order to get the goal you want.

Many people think that green tea is useful to lose weight. In fact, there are several other types of tea that are used to lose weight and shed fat in your body. Some types of tea in question is

– Ashwagandha tea
Ashwagandha tea can fight stress hormones that put pressure on our minds because the stresses that are inside will trigger stress causing increased appetite and lead to obesity. And again when we are in a state of stress and anxiety then the hormone cortisol (a hormone that increases fat metabolism) can increase and automatically increase fat storage in our body.

– Lemon tea
Lemons have diuretic properties that make us more frequent urination because of the increased urine levels that are triggered by the lemon and it can help lower all the water weights in the body. Compounds called d-limonene in lemon shells are also very helpful in reducing bloating and helping to lose weight.

– Oolong tea
Oolong tea is packed with catechins that help increase fat burning in the body. Oolong also contains polyphenols that can block enzymes that build fat in the body.

– White tea
White tea has the property of blocking newly formed fat cells, as well as promoting the breakdown of existing fats in the body. The process of making white tea is also the most simple and slightly exposed to processed chemicals. Therefore, white tea is a source of antioxidants richer than green tea. Even white tea can also improve digestion, improve immunity and memory to improve heart health.