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Several facts of business culture in Indonesia

Each country must have their own culture, one of them is business culture. Business culture in Indonesia is very concerned about how to build a network with the correct social. In this article, you will know what the business culture in Indonesia. Meanwhile, perhaps you also need to check out more info about company establishment Indonesia.

Has a Hierarchical System

Business culture in Indonesia has a hierarchical system visible from most of its business environment. Where those in higher positions will be called ‘Pak or Mother’ and followed by their name. This is to show respect for those who have a higher position. Meanwhile, people who have lower positions should be able to follow the demand of people with high positions without a question. This is because most employees or workers in Indonesia prefer to remain silent rather than having to correct superiors, even if they make mistakes. This is done because they do not want to experience confrontational positions and conditions that can cause distractions or problems at work. Because a comfortable workplace is everything for Indonesians.

Requires Old Time for Negotiation

Most Indonesians take longer to make business deals. Sometimes, they also need a lot of meetings to discuss issues to be agreed upon. Why does this happen? Because Indonesians think things through carefully and wait for the right time to decide a thing. And if the business partner puts pressure on them and asks them to decide quickly, the Indonesians will feel it is a sign of danger. Some Indonesians will also seek the advice of others before making a deal in terms of negotiating.

Meeting Time Often becomes late

Meetings will be better if done right at the appointed time. However, some Indonesians often arrive late when they have appointments. Because most Indonesians feel that they have a flexible time. Not to mention the traffic conditions in the capital that almost every day stuck and made the trip to the meeting place so stunted. Indonesian business culture will also usually tolerate people with high positions coming too late, but not applicable to people in lower positions.