Want to Streamline Your Pronunciation? Do It This Way

When learning conversation, sometimes we feel like to be able to speak in English, understand what is said by native speakers. But be patient. Anything requires a process. And in the process of learning the conversation, first absorb the conversation in English, practice to speak it clearly. Clarity in speaking is important because it will be related to your opponent will understand what you say. If we speak clearly, it will make it easier for the other person to understand what we are saying. Dam is the essence of the conversation, which is to convey what is clear.

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Even if we used to hear our own voice, but it could not hurt to record our own voice while learning and we can learn a lot from it. We can practice by reading a book synopsis in English, then we record our voice. Next, listen to the recording. We can find where our strengths are also weaknesses and mistakes when saying something. We can focus on fixing the mistakes made.